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Sports is more than just the scores and stats. It’s about the culture. There’s culture in everything ya know? I mean without the jerseys and jump shots it would be just another ordinary game. We all watch Sports Center but who has the time to listen to Skip Bayless for an hour. We all watch the game, but why not Imagine the Game. Imagine what shoes your favorite player will sport or which artist is on their game day playlist, or if they’ll hit a fade away or run a bootleg on the field.

The Sports Chelle is more than just my blog. It’s my life. I’ve been an athlete since birth it seems like. I remember kicking off my cleats and leaving softball practice then immediately lacing up my Nikes for basketball practice. I left my basketball behind when I got to high school and picked up some blush instead. I focused on the arts during my last phase of grade school; but I was still an avid fan of all sports. I realized when I got off the court I started to see things a bit differently. I was looking at Lisa Leslie’s dominate force on the court and really got into the angles of soccer, and the change in themes of athletic apparel.

My leadership positions I attained throughout life really allowed me to appreciate culture. Culture is within every aspect of life. As a college scholar I knew I wanted to make money doing what I love, but how? I’ve always been outgoing and the first to give my opinion. So why not let the world hear my opinion? The Sports Chelle provides you with your daily dosage of sports news, the hottest footwear, up and coming artist, and particularly rising athletes. As I said this is my life and want you all to be apart of it. With my degree in Mass Communications I am pursing a career as a public relations representative for athletes, and I am interested in working with all business minded adults. Let’s work together and rise like the royals we are!

Giving you the latest in sports culture; all from the quirky mind of a young, aesthetic queen.

The Sports Chelle, Imagine the Game.



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