Shawn Marion is Moving on Up


On  Sunday, August 17th,  ESPN’s Marc Stein was the first to report the 36-year-old Shawn Marion had committed to signing with the Cavaliers. Clearly he’s reaching for another ring and the easiest route to the ring, is to follow the King. How cliché right? I mean don’t get me wrong, I am very interested in seeing King James, Kyrie Irving, Shawn Marion, and soon enough Kevin Love dominating the court in Clevland; but it just seems very storybook to me. I miss the old days of the NBA where players stuck with their team and fought relentlessly to the finish line, victory or not. It seems like everyday someone is getting traded to create the “picture perfect” team. Sources say even at the age of 36 Marion can still handle himself very well on the court; he could help take some of the pressure off Lebron and help “refresh” Lebron’s game. It seems to me that the Cavs will be unstoppable this season. HOW BORING! I’m over them already and the season hasn’t even started. I wish the league wasn’t so focused on marketing and more focused on the game, but hey that’s just me. 

-Imagine the game, Chelle.


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