Garbage in filthy Rio bay damages boat practising for 2016 Olympics as sailors spot dead dog floating in water

National Post | Sports

An Austrian boat was damaged by garbage as it practised for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro’s Guanabara Bay, where a member of the sailing team said he saw a dead dog floating in the water.

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“We saw a dead dog and destroyed our centre board because of some strange plastic piece we hit,” Nico Delle Karth, a 49er-class sailor who’s training for his fourth Olympics with partner Nikolaus Resch, said in an e-mail yesterday.

Sailors have said the Olympic venue, overlooked by Sugarloaf Mountain, smells like a toilet because of the raw sewage and trash that flow into Guanabara Bay on a daily basis. Event organizers have promised that water quality will meet international standards for the Olympics.

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The Austrian team is one of…

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