Too Many L’s in One Week

So currently I’m watching the 2014 World Cup Semi Finals and the score is 7-nil Germany! I’m at a loss for words for the first time in a long time y’all! I mean but with a player like Miroslav Klose how can you lose? Granted, I’m giving Germany the benefit of doubt because of  Neymar Foul’s tragic incident (which is posted above by the way) which caused him to be out for the remainder of the WC, but an injury as serious as this can be very harmful to any athletes career. Your boy Miroslav Klose  just  beat Ronaldo’s record today of fifteen goals. He now hold the record for most World Cup goals at sixteen.


And what do you know, Brazil’s midfielder Oscar managed to get one goal in there. This is the most disappointing game for Brazil in the history of futbol forreal. This is what happens when you play off of emotion, underestimate, and focus your plays all around one player. Commentators are symphathizing by saying “they weren’t ready”. Well who’s fault is that?! German keeps on pushing with another win under their belt; final score 7-1, Germany.

-Imagine the game, Chelle.


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