King James Searches for Another Throne


So this past Tuesday, June  26, LeBron James announced that he is going to opt-out of his contract with the Miami Heat. This is no surprise, well for me it isn’t. I think regardless he was going to leave Miami. Think about it, hes the highest paid player in the league, the only player with his own app, the most popular sneaker and even the Sports Center correspondents refer to him as “King James”! He has it made in the shade honey! So why not opt-out of his contract and sign with another poppin team and get even MORE money! People say hes going back to Cleveland, or to Los Angeles, honestly, I want him to go to a random team like the Rockets or the Mavs. That would turn the game up! I know everyone’s looking for another “Big 3” spot, but how cliche’ is that? He needs to be the game changer for a insufficient team. That’s the real deal, and I for one am completely here for it!


-Imagine the game, Chelle.



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