NBA 2k14 Playoffs Update


So I cannot believe we are in round two of the 2k14 NBA Playoffs already! It’s like I blinked and the Clippers were playing against the OKC Thunder.Time has really been moving now that my college career is ending! Any who, now that all the anxiety of round one is over, I’m anxious to see what round and three have in store. Now that we have OKC v. LA Clippers, Spurs v. Trail Blazers, Pacers v. Wizards, and the Heat v. Nets who knows what will happen! I definitely didn’t imagine both of my teams getting the W last night at the start of round two. It was amazing; John Wall and my boy CP3 are putting their teams on their backs and splashing 3-pointers all the way to the Finals. Tune into to TNT tonight at 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. as the round two saga continues.


-Imagine the game, Chelle.


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