Tony Brown Arrested

Whats wrong with these kids nowadays? Prospect cornerback Tony Brown recently committed to the University of Alabama on January 8th, but who knows if he’ll still be there after his incident this past Saturday night. It has been reported by Tuscaloosa Police Department that Brown was first instructed by police to back up and leave the parking lot where a crowd of people were rowdy and chaotic. Brown then began to yell and curse at the police officers. He was then peppered sprayed, forced to the ground and resisted the arrest. He was then taken to Tuscaloosa County Jail along with another suspect, Chavis Taylor. 

Tony Brown is a Beaumont, Texas native and was a five-star recruit and ranked at No. 9 overall in the 2014 recruiting class. Once you have committed to a University it is the athlete’s responsibility to uphold that commitment with honor and respect. If you know going out on a Saturday night may  The Crimson Tide arguably has the most elite 2014 recruiting class. I hope head coach Nick Saban can cut him some slack and overlook this incident.

-Imagine the game, Chelle.


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