One time for the home team!

One time for the one time! Shout out to my home team the Washington Wizards for defeating the defending NBA champions, the Miami Heat! Seems like Washington has a pattern here with wins over Miami; how poppin is that?! 
And look who it is! Suiting up for the first time since 2009 Miami Heat center Greg Oden was able to knock down six points and two rebounds, no to mention a impressive dunk on his first possesion during the second quarter.
Currently the Miami Heat have a record of 27-11 with a three-game losing streak. This is the teams first  three-game skid since 2012. As Washington gained the victory last night, coach Randy Wittman of the Wizards feels that the Heat is “still the best team”, as stated on the Associated Press. I can agree with coach Wittman, but I do not believe the Heat will be the defending champs for a third year in a row. 
-Imagine the Game, Chelle

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