Injury after Injury after Injury!

This is really ridiculous! Athletes stay getting hurt nowadays. I swear this didn’t happen THIS much when I was a youngin. Like is it something in the water, or are they not eating they’re veggies?
CP3 has just been added to list of injured pro basketball players. Chris Paul sprained his shoulder during last night’s game against the Dallas Mavericks in the midst of the third quarter. CP3 was leading with 19 points and six assist before landing harshly on his right shoulder as he was driving to the basket. Doc Rivers announced that he will be out for at least three to five weeks. 
Playoffs are still a long ways away, but it is these games that are crucial to any teams rankings in hopes of making it to the playoffs. Paul will join Kobe Bryant on the list of injured players as well as Derrick Rose, of course. 
This does not look good for the Clippers. They have excellent players, but I believe they are not strong enough to survive without CP3 as each player executes their role efficiently and does only that. Matt Barnes can’t finesse and be the “Kobe” of the court. He needs Chris Paul, just as the rest of his team does. I wish Chris Paul, Kobe, and D.Rose the speediest of recoveries and hope they can get back to the game ASAP.
-Imagine the Game, Chelle.

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