NBA Tuesday!

The NBA 2013-2014 Season begins tomorrow night at 7pm starting with the Orlando Magic at Indiana. Followed by the Chicago Bulls at Miami and make way for my squad the Los Angles Clippers v. the Los Angeles Lakers. Feels like its been forever since I seen a game. Of course I stay hip to the pre-season, but its just not the same as the real thing. This is an excellent line up for the first night of the season. Derrick Rose has been showing off lately. Chicago is looking pretty promising this season, as well as Indiana. Paul George was crushed last season when the Pacers didn’t make it so I know he’s gonna turn up on Orlando. No to mention his home court advantage. I got the Pacers over the Magic, Clippers over the Lakers of course, and I’m gonna go with the Bulls over the Heat. I know, I know its LeBron but this is a whole new D.Rose. My guess is D.Wade won’t be able to keep up. We’ll see.
-Imagine the game, Chelle.

One thought on “NBA Tuesday!

  1. I do see the Pacers and Clippers prevailing, but I don't know about the bulls winning over the heat. I don't see the two time reigning champs losing on their home court, and it's the home opener. Derrick has looked like the D Rose of old with a better jump shot, but even with that I don't see it going down. Maybe if the Bulls were at home the outcome would be different. Nonetheless it's going to be the marquee game of the night. Glad the NBA is back

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