Sunday Night

I appreciate football. It’s not my favorite, but I do like it. I enjoy the excitement of Sunday night football. Gathering together with friends, drinking beer, eating oven baked pizza, relaxed. The competitiveness is always out of this world. Cowboys v. Rams, Giants v. Panthers, Chiefs v. Eagles, Redskins v. Lions. Can I speak about these embarrassing New York Giants! Panthers stole their pride with that final score, 38-0. Arrogant Andy Reid makes his statement by leading Kansas City to a win of Philadelphia. But RGIII should really just keep his mouth shut. He talked so much trash during the off  season, now look at these Deadskins. They’re 0-3 right now, how sad right? Cowboys prevail over the Rams without a question. With a score of 31-7, my boys are focused this season! Cowboys are currently number one in the division right now. Sunday we take on the Chargers at San Diego, who just lost this past Sunday in case you were wondering.

-Imagine the game, Chelle.


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