Update: Dwayne Wade Divorce

First off, I had to use this pic! LOL! Oh how fashion has advanced.
Anywho, this Wade divorce is getting ridiculous. They filed in July after D.Wade agreed to give her all his money, but he still retains full custody of their three sons. So earlier this summer, ex-wifey retaliates by posting up outside with a sign that reads “NBA Miami Heat star mother of his children on the streets.”
She was not having it! Currently, Siovaughn Funches wants to nullify the previous agreement of a gag order. No shade, but what’s the problem with that? Everyone is trying to make her out to be a nutcase but, if D.Wade continues to pull her card so relentlessly Funches should have the same right. She is the mother of his children, and they were married for six years. Play fair.

Imagine the game, Chelle.


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