Mindset is Everything.

Hello loyal followers!
Please forgive me, I know i have been so inconsistent lately. My life has been a roller coaster this past month.
I’m talking about my senior year at Norfolk State. Yeah, it was almost stolen from me. I came down here on a whim with no classes, housing, and not even a clue as to if I would be graduating in May. 
Now look at me! I’m taking 19 credits, I received housing with my favorite roommate, hoping to hear good things from this job I applied for (fingers crossed), and most of all I received a new internship!
Just about two weeks ago I began working with a recruitment company based out of the Hampton Roads area called Recruit 757. We (It feels great to say that, lol) work strictly with high school football as an outlet for the athletes to promote themselves, as well as allow them the opportunity to be scouted by college coaches. Currently I attend a game every Friday night and write a review about it on the website. You all can check out my first article here. Very soon I will be conducting post game interviews with coaches and players. Just yesterday actually, I spoke with Coach Flowers at Booker T. Washington HS as they prepare for their game next week vs Granby. 
I feel great about life nowadays. God is awesome. Just when you think its over, he comes through and rescues you from all your worries. In the same token, Mindset is everything ladies and gentlemen. Speak it into existence and he shall see you though.
Trust your struggle. -Chelle

One thought on “Mindset is Everything.

  1. This is awesome! I hope you share your testimony with other young people you are around, your ability to recognize that you can speak over your own life when you truly have faith in your Creator is a wonderful lesson that most of us never learn! I am glad you followed your heart, and believed it could BE DONE! Now keep it up

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