The Latest on the Lakers

What a sorry season the Lakers have had. From all the L’s to Kobe and Dwight drama, they need to figure something out for next season. A new season always means new changes, but how new? Word on the street is that Kevin Garnett as well as Ray Allen of the Boston Celtics will are set to be playing along side Kobe in LA with the Lakers. Ummm, this doesn’t seem to appealing if you ask me. KG and Ray Allen are both in their late thirties, and for them to be traded now? This is bizarre. Kevin Garnett almost went to LA before Boston locked him in, but I could NEVER imagine Ray Allen as a Laker. “Ray Allen #20 for the Los Angeles Lakers.” Nope. It just ain’t right! If anything he’ll go to the Bulls or Knicks for sure. But you can count on Dwight Howard moving elsewhere. My vote is for the Brooklyn Nets but more than likely he will be playing along side Dirk in Dallas. And Pau Gasol will probably get the boot too, then you can definitely count on KG in the purple and gold. Hopefully the Lakers can get it together for the remainder of the season.

-Imagine The Game, Chelle.

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