More Drama with the Lakers

So as we all know Kobe and Dwight haven’t been getting along, at all! L.A Lakers center Dwight Howard desires to go to the Brooklyn Nets. The Dallas Mavericks are interested in him as well as the Atlanta Hawks. 

I think this whole tiff between them is stupid! Howard wants to play the game like grown men should, but Kobe is not having it. He’s selfish. Anytime you put up 30 points in a game and you still loose, that only makes you look bad. Last time I checked basketball was about team work, I guess not huh? Kobe Bryant always has to be “the man”, he has to be “the star”. That’s cool and all but does Kobe understand that he’s old?! He’s been in the game since 96′. I was 4 in 96′! Do y’all see where I’m coming from? Kobe is washed up. Period. He’s 36, his time is up!

Oh and as far as him being “the man”. He was the man and took that L to the Rockets all by himself. Without the help of Paul Gasol and Dwight Howard the score resulted in 125-112. Hopefully tonight with Gasol and Howard back in the lineup they can have a fair fight against the Spurs in San Antonio at 8 pm on ESPN.

Imagine The Game, Chelle.

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