Another Flagrant Foul?!

Seriously? Y’all gotta chill!
During the Clippers v. Warriors game Golden State Warrior center Fetus Ezeli checks Los Angeles Clippers power forward Blake Griffin in the third qurarter of the game, next thing you know Blake Griffin’s face meets court.

As Griffin drives to the basket, Ezeli grabs his right arm forcing Blake Griffin to fall down to the floor hard! Landing on his shoulder and head, Griffin rolls over lying on his back in anguish.
You can see in the vid that Ezeli was stuck after it happened. Clearly it was an un-intentional foul, its just unfortunate that Blake Griffin was hurt yet again during a game.

Oh, and that flagrant foul called on Charlie Villanueva of the Detroit Pistons for that petty kick to the head of Sacramento Kings guard Isaiah Thomas, the NBA issued him a fine of $25K this morning. Y’all gotta be careful with these fouls, it’s been a little hectic late

-Imagine The Game, Chelle.

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