The Dreadful Black Monday

Ahhhh, Black Monday! It separates the real from the fake!
This year a total of 7 NFL coaches and 4 general managers were fired. The list includes:
  1. Buffalo Bills, Chan Gailey
  2. Cleveland Browns, Pat Shurmur (GM Included)
  3. Chicago Bears, Lovie Smith
  4. Kansas City Chiefs, Romeo Crennel
  5. San Diego Chargers, Norv Turner (GM Included)
  6. Arizona Cardinals, Ken Whisehunt (GM Included)
  7. General Manager of the New York Jets, Mike Tannenbaum
And last but certainly not least Andy Reid of the Philadelphia Eagles. Reid has been with the Eagles through and through  he was fired after 14 seasons. I’m sure he’ll get picked up right away along with Lovie Smith. With these two coaches I feel as though the player to coach chemistry was completely off this season. As well as Vick’s lack of performance all season, something had to happen with the Eagles embarrassing loss to the New York Giants with a blowout score of 42-7! Smh! No one should EVER take an L like that! What a way to end the season. Bottom line is the player to coach relationship is key in any sport to have a successful season. 

-Imagine The Game, Chelle. 


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