Fines and Suspensions!

Is it just me, or was there a lot going on with the NBA during the Christmas holiday?The NBA was handing out fines left and right! Dwayne Wade’s necessary suspension, Dwight Howard and Jordan Hamilton’s fines kept the headlines buzzing last week. 

On Christmas day game Nuggets v. Clippers, Hamilton gets fouled and forced off the court behind the baseline and into the crowd. While re gaining his balance, Hamilton shares a few harsh words with a Clippers fan. Of course the camera guys caught all of this and the Denver Nuggets small forward is hit with a $25,000 fine. 

As far a Dwight Howard goes, I think his fine was unnecessary  His total adds up to $35,000 dollars for a flagrant foul against Denver Nuggets forward Kenneth Faired. Howard was immediately  ejected from the game after what looks like an intentional block followed by an accidental slap to the face. Dwight Howard is at least a foot taller than this man Faired. The Lakers were on defense, you cant expect Howard to not do his job and block the net. He replies to the fine with a humbling statement: “I cant allow it to affect me in a negative way to where I’m not playing hard. When I allow these petty things to get to me, it affects my teammates and we lose games. I’m happy I didn’t get suspended. That’s the biggest thing.” Lets just hope he can chill with the flagrant fouls, seeming as though he already has 4 out of 6 already. 

And last but not least D. Wade. Smh, he’s wrong for this one. During the game vs the Charlotte Bobcats on 12/26, Wade sets up the play and as Bobcats guard Ramon Sessions attempts to foul, D. Wade gives him  a clearly intentional kick to the groin. Now D. Wade is appealing the suspension in his defense. Basketball is a tricky game, you gotta be careful with every move you make.

-Imagine The Game, Chelle

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