Where’s D.Rose?

So as you all know Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls tore his ACL back in April during the playoffs against the Philadelphia 76ers. His surgery was conducted in May with a recovery time set for 8-12 months. Head coach Tom Thibodeau recently stopped by Mike & Mike In The Morning to give the latest update on D.Rose. “He’s right on schedule. He’s not behind schedule, he’s not ahead of schedule. We have to be patient. When he’s ready to come back, he’ll be back.” 

He may be ready physically, as he has recently returned to non-contract practice. But, my question is will he be ready mentally? He’s been out of the game for the entire season. Meanwhile his teammates have been grinding without him and D.Rose has lost that sense of chemistry with them. Hopefully we’ll see him in time for the playoffs. Although the Bulls haven’t been doing that bad without him with a record of 16-12 standing 3rd in their division. My guess is he won’t be back until next season but we’ll just have to wait and see.
-Imagine The Game, Chelle.

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